Friday, September 28, 2012

And We're Back! - Friday Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Does ginger root scare you?  I have had some epic battles with this yummy fibrous root in the past, but no more.  Here are a couple of amazing tips to make this fab ingredient easy to use.  I tried this "spoon peeling" technique and it worked great!  That said, my number 1 trick for ginger-root is to look in your grocer's freezer section. You can buy ginger peeled and minced in convenient 1 tsp. cubes.  It thaws very quickly so just pop out a cube and wait a couple of minutes.  I love this super simple method.

Does organic food add enough value to justify the added expense?  This decision can seem a little tricky.  Here's a summary of recent research on the topic.

I think there are a few things missing in the equation.  The review doesn't address using a mixed approach, for example, to avoid the most pesticide laden foods (an approach that helps both my conscience and my pocketbook).

Eating locally is generally a good idea. It makes sense to me that the foods that grow in a season are the ones our bodies need in that season. As well, the faster you can get to fresh produce the more nutrients it contains. We address this by buying a "farm box" each week from a local organic farmer.  We get fresh, seasonal produce and more variety than we would buy from the grocery.  We supplement with kid friendly fruits from the grocery like bananas and grapes.  To me, it's a conservative approach to healthy eating.

This week's inspiration comes from an unusual source, Wired Magazine. Read about a fast food executive who believes we really can have it all.  He is proffering fast food that is also fresh and healthy.

For some more inspiration and -- ahem-- food for thought,  here is a thought-starter on how, as a society, we are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to nutrition.

This article says what so many don't.  As a nation, we have to learn to control our appetites.  I would rather have an ounce a week of delicious, high quality, flavorful cheese than an ounce a day of flavorless "fake" stuff.  Ditto chocolate.  Manufacturing is not the answer to our eating problem!