Friday, October 26, 2012

Fab Friday -- Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Yes, I've been undercover lately.  Isn't that how the weight loss journey goes?  In my case, two events coincided:  I sprained my ankle and my parents arrived with their motor home for several weeks visit.  The two things combined have really impacted my motivation.  All that said, though, it sounds like just plain excuses so guess I will go back to taking care of myself, find a work-around for exercise with my injury and stop whining!

Now --to the Friday news!

Your tip of the week is one you already know but if you are human, like me, it never hurts to be reminded.  Don't eat fast food or if you really love it, it really must be only an occasional treat.  It's not just about lifestyle, folks.  Fast food in itself may be dangerous.  A very interesting study on Chinese adults showed a 27% increase in heart related illness and type 2 diabetes amongst individuals who had western style fast food twice a week.  Twice a week!   The study (linked just above in blue) is fascinating but -- let's face it -- we already knew this, didn't we?

My trick of the week is about ginger.  We eat so much Asian food and I love me some ginger, people, but it is really a pain to peel, mince, etc.  Recently I told you about frozen ginger cubes (I do love them) and how to peel ginger with a spoon. Now I have another ginger convenience to share - ginger in a tube!  I find it in the produce department refrigerator near the tofu; you can also buy pesto in a tube.  I think the frozen stuff tastes a little fresher but this is super convenient too, and a little less expensive. 

I was inspired by re-reading this 2006 study that shows mothers do have a strong influence over their kids' eating habits.  I'm mostly a healthy influence but there are a few ways I can clean up my act.  Sometimes it seems like a lot of work to feed the family healthy homemade food, but this study reminds me that my efforts are worth it!