Friday, July 30, 2010

Tips, Tricks and Friday inspiration

Today I need some inspiration, so I decided to assemble in one place some of my favorite tips and tricks. Maybe they will inspire you too! (The colored phrases are clickable links)

There are lots of useful reminders in Weight Watchers "25 Little Tips for Big Weight Loss"

The End of Overeating (Kessler). A fascinating story of what makes a craving tick and how "big food" is contributing by working hard to feed my cravings. I have started re-reading this book this week.

Here is a PBS Documentary, "Fat, What No One is Telling You." It's very thought provoking and full of news from research, but don't watch it if you're feeling hopeless. It's food for thought but not edited in an encouraging manner. Therefore, I'm recommending it with some reservations.

I have a favorite podcast - Fat 2 Fit Radio -- which segues perfectly with Spark. They have a good BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator. I found instructions for calculating this in lots of places on the web, but the simplest way was to follow the instructions I found at Fat 2 Fit.

My commitment through the weekend is to review all these tools and to stop moping about. I'm healthy. I'm halfway to goal. It's within my control. Time to stop whinging and start fighting!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Dive in and SWIM!

I love swimming. I never thought I would. I loved it as a kid but as an adult --I felt clumsy and it seemed inconvenient. However, 18 months ago, I challenged myself to swim because I was trying to mix up my cardio. Holy cow! In a very short time, I was hooked! It's fun, it's efficient, it's cheap, it's cool.

Now I am on a mission to recruit more swimmers! Hence, my top 10 reasons to try swimming for your exercise.

Showering is less trouble because you're already wet and have to dry off anyway

You get to wear goggles

With your head underwater, you can't hear the kids yelling (yours or anyone else's!)

ER 7:
You have lots of meditative time to compose your next blog post

You get over your issues about people knowing what your body looks like (face it -- they know anyway and, what's more, they DON'T CARE!)

NUMBER 5: It's cardio and strength training in one. AND it works your core.


It's the one sport where having some body fat is an advantage (think buoyancy!)


You don't sweat


It lowers your core temperature and the effect lasts a couple of hours (helpful if you live in the sunbelt like I do!)

And the NUMBER 1 reason:
It burns a lot of calories/minute compared to other kinds of cardio!

Can't wait to hear how much you enjoy it!