Saturday, April 28, 2012

(not) Friday: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

How much sitting around do you do?  And can you add in 2 minutes of moving around every 20 minutes of sitting?   If so, you may reap a huge reward!  This may be the best weight loss trick (or sobering warning) we've heard in a while.

My response to the article (linked above) is that I have begun a discipline of getting up at least every 20 minutes when I'm doing my office work or watching TV and completing one chore.  It can't hurt?  Right?

Honey buyers, beware!  I've posted this tip before but here is an update:  A lawsuit has been filed against major merchandisers hoping to bring about truth in labeling.  As for me, I've begun buying only locally produced honey; it has the most autoimmune benefits for our local family anyway! 

Need a little inspiration?  I'm still very unsure of the wisdom of this approach -- but it sure worked for this fellow.  If you haven't seen "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," check it out.  I was able to rent in on Netflix.  Here is the link to the documentary's Facebook page. 

That's all for this week; we've had a busy day at DD13's softball tournament and more to enjoy tomorrow.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cardio Theater is Saving my Life

In case you misread my title, I am not saying the "Cardiac Theater" is changing my life -- that's where they operate on your heart.  In this case I'm talking about the super cool Cardio Theater they have at our local Y.

In entering the room, it's completely dark except for "runway" lighting and the screen illuminated with a movie.  When the movie ends, the desk attendants restart it.  So wherever you come in, you are able to keep watching till it wraps (or until your tired from exercising). 

Of course there are no chairs in this room, just three tiers of machines.  The top level is elliptical machines, then treadmills and bikes on the bottom. 

On Saturday, I went in to burn 500 calories but stayed an hour and a half for 657 because I wanted to see the end of the movie!  I used all three types of machine.  I wound up leaving before it was over but I cannot tell you how great it was to enjoy a movie with not a single interruption but not feel guilty about all the sitting or the expense.  It makes me want to go to the gym, I swear!

Does your gym have a cardio theater?  Have you tried it yet?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks - Top 5 tips

Lately I've had tremendous success in my weight loss.  I'm down thirty pounds in just 3 weeks.  After years of effort and research, I'm so thrilled things are coming together for me.  Here are my top 5 tips:

5. You may not remember that years ago, I wrote to PRECOR complaining about how treadmills and elliptical machines only go uphill (no matter how that little picture tries to trick you).  So imagine my delight when I got selected to beta-test the prototype of their new uphill/downhill treadmill.  I swear it's helping my weight loss and my calves look fantastic!

4.  My weight loss instructor loves to say "More is better."  Lately there is a ton of research showing how more sleep can aid weight loss.  So nowadays, when I'm not exercising, cooking, or blogging, I'm cuddled up in my bed sleeping.  More is better, right?  Thank goodness I've got two able-bodied teens to help out with the kids and the housework. 

3. For about 10 years, there's been research on female swimmers and how the exposure to the cold water causes them to add fat layers.  In light of this, I decided to stop swimming all together.  Now I just sit int the hot tub and relax.

2.  Recently a couple of studies have shown not only the health benefits of chocolate but that people who eat chocolate are thinner.  I took this totally to heart and thought "More is better," right?  I tripled my chocolate intake and now I'm not only thinner, I'm handling stress better too!

1. Finally, I did a health risk assessment that considers a person a non-drinker if they have fewer than 8 alcoholic beverages per week.  I figured that means that the first 7 don't count so I've added in gin at lunch.  I'm happy, my all-afternoon nap is going better and gin and chocolate make any day brighter.

Oh -- I almost forgot. Here's a picture of me, or less of me, I should say.  Ignore my plain old profile pic at right

[note:  I had trouble with my blogger form today.  Finally got the picture loaded below; you have to scroll down a bit.  ]

I am currently in "losing mode" (yay!) but you knew there was no safe way to lose 30# in 3 weeks, right?