Friday, October 26, 2012

Fab Friday -- Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Yes, I've been undercover lately.  Isn't that how the weight loss journey goes?  In my case, two events coincided:  I sprained my ankle and my parents arrived with their motor home for several weeks visit.  The two things combined have really impacted my motivation.  All that said, though, it sounds like just plain excuses so guess I will go back to taking care of myself, find a work-around for exercise with my injury and stop whining!

Now --to the Friday news!

Your tip of the week is one you already know but if you are human, like me, it never hurts to be reminded.  Don't eat fast food or if you really love it, it really must be only an occasional treat.  It's not just about lifestyle, folks.  Fast food in itself may be dangerous.  A very interesting study on Chinese adults showed a 27% increase in heart related illness and type 2 diabetes amongst individuals who had western style fast food twice a week.  Twice a week!   The study (linked just above in blue) is fascinating but -- let's face it -- we already knew this, didn't we?

My trick of the week is about ginger.  We eat so much Asian food and I love me some ginger, people, but it is really a pain to peel, mince, etc.  Recently I told you about frozen ginger cubes (I do love them) and how to peel ginger with a spoon. Now I have another ginger convenience to share - ginger in a tube!  I find it in the produce department refrigerator near the tofu; you can also buy pesto in a tube.  I think the frozen stuff tastes a little fresher but this is super convenient too, and a little less expensive. 

I was inspired by re-reading this 2006 study that shows mothers do have a strong influence over their kids' eating habits.  I'm mostly a healthy influence but there are a few ways I can clean up my act.  Sometimes it seems like a lot of work to feed the family healthy homemade food, but this study reminds me that my efforts are worth it!

Friday, September 28, 2012

And We're Back! - Friday Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Does ginger root scare you?  I have had some epic battles with this yummy fibrous root in the past, but no more.  Here are a couple of amazing tips to make this fab ingredient easy to use.  I tried this "spoon peeling" technique and it worked great!  That said, my number 1 trick for ginger-root is to look in your grocer's freezer section. You can buy ginger peeled and minced in convenient 1 tsp. cubes.  It thaws very quickly so just pop out a cube and wait a couple of minutes.  I love this super simple method.

Does organic food add enough value to justify the added expense?  This decision can seem a little tricky.  Here's a summary of recent research on the topic.

I think there are a few things missing in the equation.  The review doesn't address using a mixed approach, for example, to avoid the most pesticide laden foods (an approach that helps both my conscience and my pocketbook).

Eating locally is generally a good idea. It makes sense to me that the foods that grow in a season are the ones our bodies need in that season. As well, the faster you can get to fresh produce the more nutrients it contains. We address this by buying a "farm box" each week from a local organic farmer.  We get fresh, seasonal produce and more variety than we would buy from the grocery.  We supplement with kid friendly fruits from the grocery like bananas and grapes.  To me, it's a conservative approach to healthy eating.

This week's inspiration comes from an unusual source, Wired Magazine. Read about a fast food executive who believes we really can have it all.  He is proffering fast food that is also fresh and healthy.

For some more inspiration and -- ahem-- food for thought,  here is a thought-starter on how, as a society, we are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to nutrition.

This article says what so many don't.  As a nation, we have to learn to control our appetites.  I would rather have an ounce a week of delicious, high quality, flavorful cheese than an ounce a day of flavorless "fake" stuff.  Ditto chocolate.  Manufacturing is not the answer to our eating problem!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trudging Along versus Staying the Course

It's more than mindset, but it certainly starts there.  I'm talking about living an empowered healthy life style.  It isn't enough to just change my mind about things, I have to make actual changes.  Yet, it certainly does start with a change of mind, doesn't it?

Last week was a crazy week, even for our house. I have been studying almost round the clock for an exercise physiology course I've been taking for a year.  It is a multidisciplinary course and involves anatomy which, it turns out, is very hard for me.  I had to take the final (and only) exam on Thursday so I spent the week before brushing up on a year's worth of learning. I studied late into the evening every night, every nap time and early every morning.  I carried a flashcard flip book around the house with me and reviewed points while I folded laundry.  I neglected the housework and exercise.

Predictably, I lost zero pounds this week.  I gained zero too, which I liked, but I was reminded once again that this weight loss/getting in shape project is a big one and it requires focus.  It's a little ironic that I took my eye of the ball in regard to exercise to pass a class about . . . well . . exercise!  I know, know, know I need to keep laying down that lean muscle if I want to build up my metabolism and yet it was so easy to forgo it because I "needed" to study.  In reality, I'd have probably done just as well, if not better, if I had skipped an hour a day of study to exercise.  We all know the mental health benefits of exercise, right?  But the allure of "sit on your bottom" is always lurking just around the corner.

Yes, I was just trudging along.  Trudging along, pretending to be on the path but really not keeping my word 100%.  And ironically, reading about exercise while I did it.  How funny is that?

One good thing did come out it (aside from passing the course, thank you very much); all that review on exercise did remind me that overweight individuals really need to get 60 minutes a day of exercise (at a moderate intensity), not 30 minutes like most adults.  I had actually lost sight of that somewhere.  So this week, I have reorganized my life to get in 60 minutes a day.  It's coming straight out of my "sit on your bottom" time.  I am back - staying the course; I'll leave the trudging to someone else.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A few days ago, I had a meet-up at the Y with a friend I met on-line through my favorite weight-loss website, SparkPeople.  I have been "on" the site for over 3 years, and she is my very first "Spark Friend" I've met in person.

We didn't spend a lot of time gabbing; instead, we headed straight for the Cardio Theater and a 40 minute stint on the elliptical machines.  I am amazed at what a difference it made to have Sarah there; I really wanted to work harder and it all seemed less painful somehow!  We will be meeting up again!

This experience reminded me that support really is important. Finding ways to look forward to exercise, or to get myself there even if I think I don't want to helps.  Having friends who are working toward similar goals is uniting. Knowing I am not alone keeps me motivated.

After a busy summer of traveling and softball mom-ing, I am ready to get back to the school of fitness.  The support I have lined up for myself is this:
  • Text my friend Colleen every day when I get to the gym (or later if it's not a gym day)
  • I will send my regular support partner, Will, my ACE fitness plan model by next week so he can help me stay accountable
  • Get together with Sarah at least once a week if she's willing
  • Enjoy that walk to and from school with my little ones; they think fitness is just part of life!
  • Encourage my girls in making their own fitness plans so we can encourage each other
  • Talk to dear hubby about each of our exercise and rehab goals
What support systems are helping you reach your goals?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Cooking Tips I Borrowed from the Brits

Seeing all this London in the Olympics has me reminiscing about England and "my" Brits.  I love the culinary experience of travel and I really loved what my UK friends have taught me about cooking.  It was hard, but I managed to cull it to my top 5 tips:

Electric Kettles:  Why wait for the water to boil?  Just plug in the kettle and get your hot water fast and efficiently.  I use mine all the time for cooking, and less often for tea.  I can't believe I had to go overseas to learn this; they are only a few dollars in "big box" stores.

Salted Lemons:  They are called "Preserved Lemons" or pickled lemons in the US, I can find them in my African section of the local grocery or at the near-by Middle-Eastern grocery but you can also buy them on-line.  One lemon diced fine adds a wonderful flavor to cous-cous, salad and numerous other dishes.  Part pickle, part fruit -- it has endless uses.  

Love the Lamb:  I was a "lamb hater" until I stayed with some beautiful cooks in Manchester. They served a roasted lamb that was so delicious.  And you truly have not tasted Shepherd's Pie until you have it with freshly ground lamb.

A Good Curry:  The English love their curries.  It was quite surprising to me as I had stereotyped the English as bland-eaters.  Their love of the slow-heat is inspiring and I have tried quite a few more curries as a result of my British buds.

Fish Pie:  I know, it sounds awful.  It is like shepherd's pie but with the addition of boiled eggs (yes, really) and spinach. I first tried it based on a recipe by the British chef Jamie Oliver but a friend visiting from England last year revolutionized it for us.  He added Chorizo to the mix and our love of the fantastic fish pie was realized.  

Fish makes me think of Fish and Chips.  I am not a fan of pub food, mostly, but I do like The Ploughmans.  It was actually the inspiration for "the snack plate" I make for our Littles.  It's lighter and fruitier than a Ploughman's, and I cut everything bite sized, but it is their absolute favorite.

So maybe that's really 6 things.
Wait, 7:

There is always time for tea.  Tea in England taught me to slow my pace and sit down and savor the day -- before jumping up and resuming my normal dashing around!  :)

So what are your "borrowed from the Brits" favorites?  

Friday, August 3, 2012

An Apple a Day - Friday Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

I have neglected this blog lately; the reason is simple -- I had a big "no" in my head to the whole weight loss process.  I am still losing weight-- down 17 pounds in the last few months -- but occasionally I have a little tantrum about it.  You see, my belief is that I should lose 2 or 3 pounds a week and I don't like it when it's a half a pound a week.  Isn't that ridiculous?  It's so sneaky though -- I don't even notice I'm thinking it right away.  Now I've awakened and it is what it is; I'm staying the course until I get there!

Now for the news.  Some years ago, a study discovered an apple a day really is good for your health, especially your heart.  Now it looks like 2 apples is even better, especially if you're a woman.  My kids eat an apple a day; I guess I will start following their excellent example!  Your Friday tip is to make sure you are getting those 5 or more servings of fruit and veggies every day because I'm betting similar research on another fruit or vegetable would yield similar results!

Your trick of the day is to clean up your environment to protect your weight loss efforts.  FYI, that now might extend to avoiding food ads both in print and on TV.  If you look at photos of food it actually make does make you hungry.  Ghrelin is the hunger stimulating hormone.  A recent study confirms what we already guessed:  Ghrelin levels increase simply by seeing the foods and then you can no longer rely on your body signals!  Will power is the worst way to control weight, so definitely we can benefit by controlling our environment!

Now for your inspiration, I bring you London 2012!  Whenever I start thinking I'm not up to my little 300 calorie burn for the day, I just spend a few minutes watching the athletes who train 8 hours (or more) each and every day in order to be the world's best for a little while.  The dedication and discipline of this group of athletes is truly inspiring.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

(not) Friday: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

How much sitting around do you do?  And can you add in 2 minutes of moving around every 20 minutes of sitting?   If so, you may reap a huge reward!  This may be the best weight loss trick (or sobering warning) we've heard in a while.

My response to the article (linked above) is that I have begun a discipline of getting up at least every 20 minutes when I'm doing my office work or watching TV and completing one chore.  It can't hurt?  Right?

Honey buyers, beware!  I've posted this tip before but here is an update:  A lawsuit has been filed against major merchandisers hoping to bring about truth in labeling.  As for me, I've begun buying only locally produced honey; it has the most autoimmune benefits for our local family anyway! 

Need a little inspiration?  I'm still very unsure of the wisdom of this approach -- but it sure worked for this fellow.  If you haven't seen "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," check it out.  I was able to rent in on Netflix.  Here is the link to the documentary's Facebook page. 

That's all for this week; we've had a busy day at DD13's softball tournament and more to enjoy tomorrow.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cardio Theater is Saving my Life

In case you misread my title, I am not saying the "Cardiac Theater" is changing my life -- that's where they operate on your heart.  In this case I'm talking about the super cool Cardio Theater they have at our local Y.

In entering the room, it's completely dark except for "runway" lighting and the screen illuminated with a movie.  When the movie ends, the desk attendants restart it.  So wherever you come in, you are able to keep watching till it wraps (or until your tired from exercising). 

Of course there are no chairs in this room, just three tiers of machines.  The top level is elliptical machines, then treadmills and bikes on the bottom. 

On Saturday, I went in to burn 500 calories but stayed an hour and a half for 657 because I wanted to see the end of the movie!  I used all three types of machine.  I wound up leaving before it was over but I cannot tell you how great it was to enjoy a movie with not a single interruption but not feel guilty about all the sitting or the expense.  It makes me want to go to the gym, I swear!

Does your gym have a cardio theater?  Have you tried it yet?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks - Top 5 tips

Lately I've had tremendous success in my weight loss.  I'm down thirty pounds in just 3 weeks.  After years of effort and research, I'm so thrilled things are coming together for me.  Here are my top 5 tips:

5. You may not remember that years ago, I wrote to PRECOR complaining about how treadmills and elliptical machines only go uphill (no matter how that little picture tries to trick you).  So imagine my delight when I got selected to beta-test the prototype of their new uphill/downhill treadmill.  I swear it's helping my weight loss and my calves look fantastic!

4.  My weight loss instructor loves to say "More is better."  Lately there is a ton of research showing how more sleep can aid weight loss.  So nowadays, when I'm not exercising, cooking, or blogging, I'm cuddled up in my bed sleeping.  More is better, right?  Thank goodness I've got two able-bodied teens to help out with the kids and the housework. 

3. For about 10 years, there's been research on female swimmers and how the exposure to the cold water causes them to add fat layers.  In light of this, I decided to stop swimming all together.  Now I just sit int the hot tub and relax.

2.  Recently a couple of studies have shown not only the health benefits of chocolate but that people who eat chocolate are thinner.  I took this totally to heart and thought "More is better," right?  I tripled my chocolate intake and now I'm not only thinner, I'm handling stress better too!

1. Finally, I did a health risk assessment that considers a person a non-drinker if they have fewer than 8 alcoholic beverages per week.  I figured that means that the first 7 don't count so I've added in gin at lunch.  I'm happy, my all-afternoon nap is going better and gin and chocolate make any day brighter.

Oh -- I almost forgot. Here's a picture of me, or less of me, I should say.  Ignore my plain old profile pic at right

[note:  I had trouble with my blogger form today.  Finally got the picture loaded below; you have to scroll down a bit.  ]

I am currently in "losing mode" (yay!) but you knew there was no safe way to lose 30# in 3 weeks, right? 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Health Risk

I haven't posted an update for a long time so here it is:

I saw an endocrinologist for a health risk analysis today.  I have no health risks.  My total cholesterol was 208 but that's because my HDL ("good") was very high; my LDL was quite low.

She confirmed my internist's conclusion of "fit and fat." 

So although I have been maintaining for some time (for the most part), well really dipping down verrrrrrrrrrrry slooooooooooowly, I am progressing in my quest for whole health.  She said she has only ever seen 2 clients whose cholesterol was over 200 due to high HDL.  Guess that steady diet of greens this winter is really paying off.

I have recently stepped up my workout routine and have had started losing again.  That is a trend I intend to continue!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

After what shall henceforth be known as "The Valentine Vomiting," I got very off-track.  But first a little history.  The first 10 years after I realized I was fat, I denied I was an emotional eater.  I am not sure why I denied it, but I'm guessing it was shame.  Somehow, intelligent people should not be emotional eaters, right?  Oh pride, how you've ensnared me!

Fast forward about 3 years and I know I'm an emotional eater.  All it takes is a little dis-regulation and I'm snacking.  I don't happen to be someone who purges and even when I go "out of the box," I am saved by the fact that we don't have a lot of my trigger food in the house.  (If you ever see me eating a sandwich, however, please put your arm around my shoulders and say, "What's going on, sweetie?"  Nonetheless, I also have a very efficient metabolism which will come in really handy if I'm ever in a survival situation.  For now, though, it just means I don't lose weight if I don't stick to my plan.

So . . after The Valentine's Vomiting, it took me several days to get back on track.  I gained 3.5 pounds in the several days it took me to re-regulate.  And I realized it wasn't only the Love Day incident that set me on a path of self-destruction.  It happened to coincide with a nasty sinus infection that temporarily rendered me unable to exercise.  I too sick to exercise and do the essential care of my family.  I have learned through all this that when I am not getting to the gym, my motivation to stay "in the box" just goes right down the tube. 

A couple of conversations with my support partners and I am "in the box again."  This time with a little extra motivation and a few coping mechanisms:
  • I am going to go to the gym on my regular days even if I can't work at my usual level and just walk gently on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Turns out just getting there is as important as what I actually do!
  • I am going to start looking for those outfits I've "pinned" so that when I go down one more size, I can buy them at a good price
  • I have set short term goals for April 1 and May 1
  • I'm increasing my 3 cardio days to hour-long sessions
  • I'm going to talk to a trainer about my circuit routine
  • I am going to stick with my current "box"  until April 1, then re-evaluate
  • Maintain my "text accountability" program
  • When I find myself in front of the pantry with an intention of "snacking," I am going to set a timer for 10 minutes, go to my room, sit in my comfy chair and look at what is really going on!
Will I do all this perfectly?  Probably not.  Yet having a plan means I have a base to come back to if I do get off track.  That said, it's my intention to do it.  This is not only about losing weight to me, in fact, in some ways, that's the by-product.  It is really about me mattering enough to me to treat my body with respect.  And that's motivation.  Have a great weekend.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Overnight Oatmeal

Everyone in my family loves oatmeal.  I love oats not only for their taste and nutritional value, but because it is very satisfying to start my family off with this kind of "stick to your ribs" breakfast.  It's soothing to my mama-ness.

Today's breakfast was Overnight Honey Apple Oatmeal.  We have a big clan, so I need to make a lot.  It's easy to cut back if you wish, but you can also just halve it, refrigerate it and eat it through the week.  (Just pour on a bit of milk or almond milk (etc) and heat in the microwave about 60 seconds, stir and enjoy!)

Overnight Honey Apple Oatmeal
serves 10
1 box McCann's Steel-Cut Irish Oats (or approximately 2.5 cups)
9-1/2 cups water
1/4 cup local honey
2/3 cup low-fat milk
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
2 oz. dried apples (or a handful of raisins or chopped dried figs)
Honey to drizzle
Yogurt, if desired

Stir the first five ingredients together in a crock-pot; then lay the apples on top.  They'll float to the top anyway, so I save a step and just put them there.  In the morning when they're soft and fluffy, you can cut them up easily if you wish.

Set the crock-pot on low and cook for 9  to 10 hours. 
A serving is about 1 cup; place in serving bowls ans drizzle with honey or maple syrup.  Serve with yogurt or milk as desired.  Refrigerate leftovers.

Options:  If your family can tolerate milk, it's very nice to sub in milk for half the water.  Or if you can afford the luxury, you can use 2/3 cup half-and-half instead of the 2/3 cup milk, that's even nicer.  You can also pour on a bit of light cream at serving time.

Note:  If you haven't ever had steel-cut oats, they look a lot different both raw and cooked.  Try to be open-minded about the experience!

Other oatmeal recipes we love:  Baked Oatmeal, Dr. Bircher's Museli
(we halve the white sugar in the baked oatmeal but otherwise it's perfect)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday! Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

I have been reading a lot of studies lately that show that Omega 3 and Omega 6 are not only good for heart health and fighting cancer, but play a large role in brain health as well.   So clearly I have been actively working to include more of these foods in my diet (need all the help I can get), but it is a lot of information to digest.  I made a short list of foods I enjoy that are high in these foods so I can remember to incorporate them regularly.  If you need some tips on getting in those Omega 3's, their "mystery" is unraveled here. 

So it turns out that if your teen wants to lose weight, you should probably butt out! The trick to teen weight loss seems to be "going it alone."  A handful of studies have shown that teens who took charge of their own weight loss were mores successful than those "helped" by their mothers.  Given teens' need to individuate, it makes sense.  [I'm sorry I lost the link on this one but when I find it, I'll come back and add it here.]

We all know my Friday title is a bit of wordplay, right?  There really are no tricks to lasting weight loss. But we don't want to be tricked, either.  So I bring you what we've all been waiting for, at last!  What you eat doesn't matter as much as caloric intake;  Here is a study to prove the obvious!  It makes sense to me that certain styles of weight loss will be easier for certain personalities and body types.  Pick the type of eating plan you think you can stick with for life, eat less than you do now, and while you're at it, make some choices to enhance your long-term health.

Are you having trouble getting that water in each day?  Here is some inspiration in and a couple of more good reasons to drink that water:  It turns out that dehydration can affect your energy level and your mood as well.  Try getting in a larger quantity of water next time you're feeling low and see if it helps.   Check out the article for more information.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Head is Spinning (and other thoughts)

I read a lot of health blogs.  A lot.  I don't read "diet" blogs, but lots of stuff about healthy, sane weight loss, healthy food, and mostly about the current research.  It's the research that got my head spinning this time, along with the blog "Dances with Fat."

Here's the thing.  The Dances with Fat theme is that it is possible to be fit and fat.  I agree with that, probably because I am fit and fat.  She writes a lot of inspiring stuff too -- like this video about not waiting to lose weight to be happy.  That said, she alwo believes there is no point in even attempting to lose weight because she believes it won't work.  Obviously, I don't agree with that.  Recently, Dances with Fat reviewed a study that seems to show there is no point in losing weight.  Many of the health blogs I read see it differently.

I've drawn my own conclusions about the study which has garnered a lot of press.  The author focused on extreme weight loss methods and not the kind of weight loss that comes about from slow and permanent change.  There are some issues with her methods.  I think I've effectively demonstrated that for me, this weight loss is hard to achieve, but I still believe it is in fact possible and would be beneficial for my long term health. For me the takeaway from this study is that it is very important once I lose the weight, to keep it off.  It is a life-long commitment.

It has all left my head spinning though, so I am noting it here! I am interested in hearing what you think of this.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crock Pot Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

I like good old fashioned meatballs.  I do not like the fat.  Here is my two-day recipe for meatballs and sauce.  Don't be scared; it takes two days so you can skim the fat.  The work is short.

Ground beef, extra lean (about 1.5 pounds)
1 pound extra lean pork
1 pound white meat ground turkey 
Turkey Italian Sausage (about 1.5 pounds)
2 teaspoons oregano
1 cup oatmeal
1 cup grated parmesan
1 tsp. garlic powder
3 eggs
2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

Beat the eggs a little in a large bowl.  Add everything else.  Gently use your hands to thoroughly mix it all together. Now get some friends (I use handy children) and start rolling the meatballs.  Again, be gentle or they will be tough.  You can make any size; I like them slightly smaller than a ping pong ball.  As you make them, place them on a tray covered with foil or wax paper.  Pile them high, they're going in the crockpot anyway!

In a 6 quart crockpot, place:
28 oz. petite diced tomatoes
28 oz. tomato sauce
4 cloves of garlic, crushed.

Place the meatballs into this sauce.  They will be piled higher than the sauce; no problem.  Cook on low for 6 hours.  When they are done, take the lid off and let them cool 30 minutes or so.  Take out as many meatballs as you want for dinner tomorrow to refrigerate, and place the rest in freezer containers.  (They should be cool enough to touch before you put them in the freezer).

Ladle the sauce into a glass bowl or large measuring cup, cover and refrigerate overnight.

About 30 minutes before serving time, skim the fat off the top of the sauce and discard.  Place the remaining sauce into a large pot.  Add:

2-28 oz cans tomato sauce
1/2 cup red wine

Bring to a boil over medium heat, and gently return the meatballs to the pan to heat.  Cook 20 minutes, reducing heat to "simmer" when the pot returns to a boil.

Meanwhile, finely chop:
3 Tablespoons fresh basil

Stir in the basil when the cooking time is up and remove from heat.  Decant about 2/3 of the sauce into your freezer containers, depending on "saucy" you like your pasta.  Freeze remaining sauce once cooled.

[I will add the photo tomorrow!]

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rainy Friday - Tips, Tricks and Inspiration!

Happy Friday!  I've missed a few of these installations lately because of hot dates with my hubby but on this rainy evening pre my Color Run 5k tomorrow, I am here to share some of the week's reading with you.

Here's a tip:  go for at least 5 days a week following health guidelines;  I was shocked to learn that most Americans have only 7 days a year where the meet the MyPlate guidelines.  So many of us are obese or overweight, and it is really sobering news to me.  Oh and did I mention that those who did manage to meet the guidelines usually ate more than 3 meals to get there? 

I think the big wake-up call is that MyPlate is a very simple concept and yet, people don't do it.  It is not enough to say "I'll eat moderately"; we need to put intention and action into it. 

 On a similar vein, let's not let ourselves be tricked by diet gimmicks.  Here 8 diet "rumors" are  unraveled.

Finally, for your weekend enjoyment, here is a little Bento inspiration - a cute piece from the BBC.

Now you should be all set for a fun and fit