Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5 Reasons I Love Camp Gladiator


It's been a while. As it turns out, being a first-year teacher is an all-consuming activity. Still yet, I'm having success with my weight loss! I will write more about that next time.

Today, I want to talk about Camp Gladiator. First, the disclosure: No one asked me to write this and I am not receiving any type of compensation for doing so.

On my 57th birthday we went to a favorite restaurant that I literally only visit twice a year and when we left, there were people outside doing a promo for Camp Gladiator. They didn't actually stop me, they stopped Sunshine. She's 17, she's athletic, she's gorgeous; it made sense. In the end, I became their customer in what could only be described as a moment of temporary and complete insanity.

Camp Gladiator, "CG," is a boot-camp style fitness program. It's a total body workout in a "camp" format that runs in 4 week sessions. Each workout is 60 minutes and you can go an unlimited number of times to any location. The locations are outdoors. You bring your own equipment, water, a mat and a pair of dumbells. They recommend 2 to 3 workouts a week with 30 minutes of "activity" on the off days. These are the basic facts.

Here are 5 reasons I love Camp Gladiator:

  1. The trainers are the best. They are carefully vetted in a multi-step process and they are superstars. They know their stuff and they are true professionals. My trainer, Brandy Babbs, is passionate, kind, encouraging and tough. 
  2. It truly is "go-at-your-own-pace." People will be cheering you on, folks will encourage you to work hard, sometimes you'll be part of a team, but your pace is your pace. Since I'm at least 20 years older and quite a bit heavier than most of the people in my workouts, this is very valuable for me. 
  3. Everyone is welcome, truly. There are beginners in every workout and there are CG enthusiasts who've been to over 200 workouts. It's an encouraging environment and judgment free.
  4. It's excuse free. It's everywhere, all the time, except Sundays. Where ever I am, whatever I'm doing, there is always a workout nearby at a time I can attend. It may not be my preferred time -- I go at 5:00 AM -- but it is a time I can attend and still "do my life."
  5. Finally, I love CG because of the modifications. I have terrible knees. I have had very little cartilage in my knees for over 20 years. I know what makes them worse and what makes them stronger. Because their trainers are pros (see reason #1), they are also expert at helping me make modifications so I still get a really good workout without further damaging my knees.  
Is it for everyone? No. I would not recommend it for elderly people or non-ambulatory persons. Otherwise, yes, if you are committed to fitness and really want to change your life. It's not for the "faint of heart" -- but that's a condition you can change. 

Give it a shot. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, get off the couch and do something! Let me know how it goes!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yep, I'm still here. The world's slowest loser. In a weird spate of good news, however, I happened across my weight from last January and I weigh exactly what I did then. So at least I'm not going up.

I have a plan. I have a process. I have a support group. Now I have to get to it!

I am still fighting the good fight, with a little less enthusiasm than before. When the new year came and went, I made a conscious decision to stop flogging myself for everything I did not do last year and focus on the here and now.  What I have is right now. I know what helps me lose weight. Now I need to get back to doing it.  I am headed to the kitchen right now to create my favorite egg and vegetable breakfast and to the store after work to refill the produce drawer.

There is never a time that is the right time to give up on myself. My last blood work was all good, thanks to a healthy lifestyle in spite of obesity. Losing weight is the last thing I have to do in order to say I've done all I can to be healthy.  I will not give up.

That's it for today; simply a time of coming clean but also looking at the clean slate. Happy New Year, everyone.