Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walking into the Wind

I admit it. These last two days have been heart-wrenching ones. Nothing actually bad has happened; just lots of potential for things to go south. Yesterday was no problem, eating-wise. I actually took the girls -- albeit unexpectedly -- out for breakfast. I had amazing self-control. I am owning that! I ate half of a breakfast sandwich and focused on drinking my water and coffee. It must have been plenty because I wasn't hungry for several hours.

Today has been another story. Yesterday my dad had a heart valve replaced and we thought he was doing okay. But I did not sleep well at all. I woke up worrying and was just waiting for it to get late enough (there's a two -hour time difference) to call my mom. Sure enough, they had to take him back to surgery because he was having a bleeding problem. It was a tough morning and unusually, both my girls were home.

It was really interesting to see how when people are sad, other females want to cook for them. Both girls are proficient in the kitchen and throughout the day, they kept trying to cook me stuff. It is pretty hard to turn down your child trying to feed you! At least, it's pretty hard for me to turn down my children. And they were offering me sandwiches. They must have that instinctual knowledge that bread releases the "happy" molecules.

But we survived. I made one "poor choice" as my kids would say, but I traded the calories for nutritious food. So I stayed within my 1200; but 200 of them were M&Ms.! I'm done eating for the day so if I get hungry now, it's off to bed!

I have been reading/watching some awesome health/diet stuff lately. So here are a couple of links for you!

This is 49 minutes of great BBC! A doctor turns detective and investigates food claims.
Americans aren't the only ones struggling with weight - the Brits are fighting the battle too.
Finally, a really thought provoking PBS documentary on Fat. Motivating.

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