Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Wrench in the Works

I know, I've been quiet.  It's simple really, things got pretty busy around here and once again, I let myself fall to 7th on the list  I noticed about a week ago and course corrected. 

Anyhow, still slowly dropping weight.  I'm hoping now that Sunshine done with All-Stars softball, we won't be running around so much; that plays havoc with my plans.  I am setting a goal to lose 2 pounds in the next week and a half before we leave on vacation.  Then I will have a goal of maintaining while on vacation.

The good news?  After weeks of 100+ temperatures, fruit and veggies are really palatable.  I am totally loving the watermelon and salads these days.  And all this softball and toddler chasing is keeping me active.

I recommit to blogging; I sometimes forget I actually started the blog for myself to keep track of my learnings.  So there ya go!

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