Friday, July 24, 2009

Increasing the Circle of Self

Last weekend I became a mentor for a small-group course, Power of Connection. One of the things we talk about in the course is keeping an eye on the three-legged stool of self, others and context.

I've written about this before; when time is short, I keep my eye on "others" and "context" but tend to give that "self" circle short shrift. Of course, practically, I know that in the end, me not paying attention to me also affects others and then the context slips.

I'm sure you can see this has everything to do with weight loss. Starting in mid-May, I effectively stopped exercising. And I let my calories creep up too. And of course, I didn't know how MUCH they crept up, because I wasn't recording them; all in the name of "work." I had a job to do and a deadline approaching and let go of the fact that getting this weight off is also my job. I could argue that it's my most important job at this stage.

I'm going to be keeping that circle of self in balance this week. Am I the most important thing in my world? Of course not. Is my long-term health and my self-esteem as important as my family and my job? Yes. I'm going for it.

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