Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Spring has sprung. My heart is lifted. I don't know why it is but spring definitely puts a bounce in my step. So here in crazy-land, life is a little brighter. I'm back on the horse -- working my program, committed to exercise, keeping my health a high priority.

Our three little foster kids are settling in well. We are getting each other's "number" so to speak so we are all happier more of the time. I am finally getting enough sleep and everyone else is, too. I have figured out how to keep up with the housework better and even the laundry is (almost) caught up.

What this means to me now is that I can get back to regular exercise. Oh, fear not, I've been getting exercise, just not much cardio. Before the kids got here, my regular number of non-exercise steps per day was around 3500 on a "good" day. Now I am averaging 8500! They have an average weight of 25 pounds, and I carry someone around for over an hour a day. I also change 18 diapers a day, so that's 36 extra "lifts." That does not even factor in all the hauling of strollers up steps, running around the lawn, lifting people in and out of cribs and highchairs, etc. I now live in a physical world.

Partly as a result of the children being here and partly as a result of my weight loss, I feel 10 years younger. I am not only in my "goal outfit," it's big on me! My 2002 pants are very roomy. I have hung a new goal outfit in the front of my closet -- whoopee! I have not weighed on my "official" scale at the clinic since the kids got here but I will be weighing in next Wednesday. According to my home scale, I've lost 36 pounds. I think the scale is "heavy" but I'll go with that until my official weigh-in next week.

My commitment to myself for this week is to do 15 minutes of Wii Fit every day, and 15 minutes of gardening. I want to get that regular exercise back on the books and get in the habit of making that time for myself. I have been doing really well with giving myself "quiet time" every day so now I am shifting my focus to "active" time. Back in the saddle. It's a good seat.

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