Friday, November 12, 2010

Tips, Tricks and Friday inspiration

Good morning! 

It's a balmy day here in Texas -- I heard my air conditioner kick on about 4:00 a.m. so thank you, 96% humidity!  But it is also perfect park weather so the little kids are getting lucky!

I read an interesting article on running shoes -- it turns out that all that extra money may not buy you a better shoe!  Check it out!   

And in case you, like me, are having trouble finding motivation these days, here is  some info on a very interesting side effect of obesity - memory issues.

My tip today is how to yum-up those low-cal good-for-you  green beans.  Warm 1/4 teaspoon butter and stir it into a tablespoon of mustard (any style).  Stir this GENTLY onto 2 cups green beans.  It's delicious, I promise, and will make you want to eat green beans more often!

My trick of the week is about feeling fuller.  It's not a magic trick, but almost! Studies show that people tend to eat the same VOLUME of food each day -- so if you add water to things and buck up the volume, you will eat less.  Drinking water has the same effect.  I am going to consume a full glass of room temperature water before every meal and snack this week and see if I can rein in those extra calories!

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