Friday, December 3, 2010

Tips, Tricks and Friday inspiration

Chanelle, Dreena, Allison, Gabriel, Maggie Rose, Paul, Bennie
(and I can't thank them enough for the balloon to cry over!)

After a brief hiatus to spend time with my parents, give thanks, and become a mom of FIVE (!),  I am back with enthusiasm. I gained 10 pounds in the 5 or 6 weeks my parents were here.  Oopsie.  So now my head is OUT of the sand and I am back on track.

On to the news!

I often wonder how I can apply more discipline not only to exercising, but to all my weight loss efforts.  Here is a an article on how athletes consistently achieve their personal best -- here is an inspiring article on just what it takes to be the best and brightest.  Maybe it will also inspire you in this inspirational season!

I was surprised to learn that only 6% of Americans reach their daily vegetable targets and we are only a little better about fruit! 

My tip of the week is for those of you who enjoy the Weight Watchers program.  I went to the intro meeting for the new Points Plus system and it looks great.  The website has a better explanation than I can provide; suffice it to say I am enthused.

That's it for this week.  Look for more frequent posts now that life has returned to normal -- whatever that is!

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