Friday, February 18, 2011

Kessler, Fat2Fit : Friday! Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Today I am recapping some of my favorite tips because these are resources I depend on regularly:

I continue to be inspired by the book,  The End of Overeating (Kessler).   What amazes me is that months after reading it, I am still constantly thinking about and pondering things I read there.  I have read a lot of books on nutrition -- the fact that this one made such a huge impression speaks to its power.  It is a  fascinating story of what makes a craving tick and how "big food" is contributing by working hard to feed my cravings. I am working on a thorough book review on this so I don't forget what I learned.  I'll post it if I ever finish it! 

Here is a PBS Documentary, "Fat, What No One is Telling You." It's very thought provoking and full of news from research, but don't watch it if you're feeling hopeless. It's food for thought but not edited in an encouraging manner. Therefore, I'm recommending it with some reservations.

I have a favorite podcast - Fat 2 Fit Radio -- which segues perfectly with my sensible eating, moderate loss rate plan. They have a good BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator. I found instructions for calculating this in lots of places on the web, but the simplest way was to follow the instructions I found at Fat 2 Fit. 

They have a very inspiring podcast.  When I start losing my vision, I listen to these down to earth and inspiring guys.  If Spark had a podcast -- it would sound like this one.  You can find it on iTunes or here.

Finally, here is my inspiration for the day; I am paraphrasing "Gabriella" from MTV's "I Used to be Fat:"  I can be mad and then eat something and feel better for two minutes and then turn my anger on myself and feel guilty.  Or I can be mad and deal with my feelings and really get my anger out - and keep losing weight.

Happy weekend everybody!

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Beth@WeightMaven said...

Thanks for the link to the PBS show ... looks really interesting. BTW, I'm also a big fan of Kessler's book; I look forward to your take on it.