Monday, December 19, 2011

Drastic Measures

Okay I give up, I surrender, I have officially waved the white flag.  There is no way I am going to fit 6 hours of exercise into my "waking hours" each week, especially when you add in the inevitable 30 minutes of prep time or travel each day..  I have tried a number of schemes and it just ain't happenin.'  The other day I sat down and took an objective look at what I really want to accomplish each day, how many hours are actually in the day and what I would need to give up. This was on a day on which I rose at 5:45 and took my first "break" from housework, childcare, cooking and paperwork at 9:30 p.m.  And guess what, the house was still pretty wildly out of control and I did not think any of the kids got the attention they deserved that day. 

The other issue is the Littles and their attachment issues.  They have been through a lot, this clan, but exercising away from them has meant checking them into the child care at the Y.  We have a great setting for kids at our Y but I really don't want to do that more often than once or twice a month.  They need to be with me.  They are so anxious away from me.  And with the weather growing more inclement, throwing them all in the jogging stroller is not always an option. 

My Grandma used to say, "drastic situations call for drastic measures."  I am taking drastic measures.  I decided to find the time in my "Sleep hours" (or at least everyone else's!)  Thanks to the inspiration of my good buddy Colleen, I am now rising at 4:40 to get to the gym by 5:00.  Weekdays, only; I'm not crazy, people!

I can fit in 50 solid minutes of cardio or strength training and still get home a few minutes before I have to wake The Captain.  If I am organized the night before, the little guy and I can even have breakfast together before his bus comes at 6:45; I'm normally not awake enough to want breakfast yet.  Dear Hubby and the rest of the gang are all still slumbering so no-one even misses me.  Truth be told, it's early even for an early bird like me, but it is worth it.  I am enjoying it so much; I have really needed some solid "me" time! 

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