Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Head is Spinning (and other thoughts)

I read a lot of health blogs.  A lot.  I don't read "diet" blogs, but lots of stuff about healthy, sane weight loss, healthy food, and mostly about the current research.  It's the research that got my head spinning this time, along with the blog "Dances with Fat."

Here's the thing.  The Dances with Fat theme is that it is possible to be fit and fat.  I agree with that, probably because I am fit and fat.  She writes a lot of inspiring stuff too -- like this video about not waiting to lose weight to be happy.  That said, she alwo believes there is no point in even attempting to lose weight because she believes it won't work.  Obviously, I don't agree with that.  Recently, Dances with Fat reviewed a study that seems to show there is no point in losing weight.  Many of the health blogs I read see it differently.

I've drawn my own conclusions about the study which has garnered a lot of press.  The author focused on extreme weight loss methods and not the kind of weight loss that comes about from slow and permanent change.  There are some issues with her methods.  I think I've effectively demonstrated that for me, this weight loss is hard to achieve, but I still believe it is in fact possible and would be beneficial for my long term health. For me the takeaway from this study is that it is very important once I lose the weight, to keep it off.  It is a life-long commitment.

It has all left my head spinning though, so I am noting it here! I am interested in hearing what you think of this.


Beth@WeightMaven said...

I think another takeaway is it matters how you lose weight. Losing lean body mass is never a good thing, whether or not you wind up regaining weight (which is really code for fat).

So yes, I think it is a lifelong commitment both in losing and in maintaining. Going slow is painful, but in weight loss I think this is a tortoise/hare situation!

Dreena M. Tischler said...

Thanks for this Beth -- that is the missing piece. You are so right. Of course that was not even close to the topic of this study. Building muscle while losing weight is very important to regain the accidental losses of muscle. I cannot take seriously any weight loss program that does not have exercise as a component.