Monday, April 9, 2012

Cardio Theater is Saving my Life

In case you misread my title, I am not saying the "Cardiac Theater" is changing my life -- that's where they operate on your heart.  In this case I'm talking about the super cool Cardio Theater they have at our local Y.

In entering the room, it's completely dark except for "runway" lighting and the screen illuminated with a movie.  When the movie ends, the desk attendants restart it.  So wherever you come in, you are able to keep watching till it wraps (or until your tired from exercising). 

Of course there are no chairs in this room, just three tiers of machines.  The top level is elliptical machines, then treadmills and bikes on the bottom. 

On Saturday, I went in to burn 500 calories but stayed an hour and a half for 657 because I wanted to see the end of the movie!  I used all three types of machine.  I wound up leaving before it was over but I cannot tell you how great it was to enjoy a movie with not a single interruption but not feel guilty about all the sitting or the expense.  It makes me want to go to the gym, I swear!

Does your gym have a cardio theater?  Have you tried it yet?

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