Saturday, April 28, 2012

(not) Friday: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

How much sitting around do you do?  And can you add in 2 minutes of moving around every 20 minutes of sitting?   If so, you may reap a huge reward!  This may be the best weight loss trick (or sobering warning) we've heard in a while.

My response to the article (linked above) is that I have begun a discipline of getting up at least every 20 minutes when I'm doing my office work or watching TV and completing one chore.  It can't hurt?  Right?

Honey buyers, beware!  I've posted this tip before but here is an update:  A lawsuit has been filed against major merchandisers hoping to bring about truth in labeling.  As for me, I've begun buying only locally produced honey; it has the most autoimmune benefits for our local family anyway! 

Need a little inspiration?  I'm still very unsure of the wisdom of this approach -- but it sure worked for this fellow.  If you haven't seen "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," check it out.  I was able to rent in on Netflix.  Here is the link to the documentary's Facebook page. 

That's all for this week; we've had a busy day at DD13's softball tournament and more to enjoy tomorrow.

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