Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thoughts on a New Year

It's almost a New Year!  I can't believe it!

 I am a resolution-ist -- my own word for people who make resolutions at the start of each year.  Unlike most of the folks I will meet at the gym, however, I actually keep most of mine.  I wrote about my six-word resolutions in my coaching blog; click those green "coaching blog" words if you'd like to read it!  I am going to get to goal in 2011.  My 2012 resolution will not need to include losing weight!

Speaking of New Year's -- I read some pretty interesting advice on holiday eating; I think it works pretty well with my earlier post about maintaining on the weekends.   This author has a radical suggestion -- indulge!  Check it out! 

Here's shocking good news in case you are planning your summer vacation:  Disney World is changing their food image,  introducing more healthful and vegetarian choices, including a gluten-free cupcakeria!  If they stick with it long enough for their consumers to make the shift, it could make a real difference in the world of "family" entertainment!     

Since I am limiting my "screen time" over the holidays,  I do want to take advantage of the opportunity to say, Happy New Year.  I hope 2011 is your best year yet!

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