Monday, January 31, 2011

USDA Finally Catches with New Guidelines!

Well a day late and a dollar short, the USDA finally reveals it's 2010 dietary guidelines.

They are good guidelines.  Actually helpful.  And simpler than in the past.  Could they simplify them more?  Yes, of course.  But all the common sense things we know from Spark or almost any reasonable plan out there, are just now coming into focus in the guidelines.  Okay -- it's never too late, right?

Here are the highlights and following, a link so you can watch the long boring stuff yourself.

Have half a plate of vegetables and fruit and eat a variety.
Limit your fatty acids (they give guidelines no one will understand)
Have under 300 mg of Cholesterol
Reduce your sodium to 2300 mg for most, 1500 for high risk groups.
Limit refined grains, sugar and solid fats.
Alcohol limits to one drink a day for us girls, two for men
Drink water and not sugary drinks.

There is more but that's what stood out to me.  I think it is a big improvement because these guidelines are taught in schools, followed by dietitians and recommended by doctors.  Thank goodness the USDA is finally catching up to the science!
This is the link in case you want to see it for yourself!

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