Friday, May 27, 2011

Idling at the Top of the Hill

Weight loss is not a super highway.  It's more of a mountain track with detours, switchbacks and some uphill portions.  In the past 88 days, I have gained two pounds, yet I am still on the path.  I've fallen off a time or two, I've struggled with exercise, and I have been on track the vast majority of the time.  I know what it will take to speed up my loss and hit a big downhill stretch, and I have been idling at the top of that hill waiting for the right time.  School is mostly out as of today -- one child has 8 more days -- and the leisure that will afford gives me the opening to rev up my engines and refocus my energy on myself.

My goal for the summer is to get well below 200 pounds.  Keeping my calories low is not enough, I need to step up my exercise big time.  To maintain a high level of exercise, I am helped by keeping my intention firmly in place.

In no particular order, here are my motivations for getting back to my pre-1998 weight over the summer:

I already have greater ease of movement  and I want more of that!  More fun with the family!
I want to live a long and healthful life for the enjoyment of it.
I want to be in the family photos (as opposed editing myself out because I don't like my appearance).
I want to be proud of how I look.
I want to buy clothes I really like - to dress like myself.
I want to continue on my path to a long and healthy life.
I want to complete it because it is something I am doing for myself, a commandment I made -- my word to myself -- I want to honor and complete it.

To get there, I will:
Visualize myself reaching my goals every day
Step up my exercise to 6 hours per week
Stick to my eating plan 100% until I meet my goal

Wait, what's that sound?  It's me, revving my engines.  Tomorrow, I throw off the brakes.  Look out, world!!

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