Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip of a LIfetime

I have been on this weight loss journey a long time and sometimes I get really focused on the "long time" and forget about the journey.  I am finally losing again after a long plateau followed by a small slow regain of 15 pounds.  It is so easy and so tempting to be totally focused on the goal and forget that I am in the midst of a learning process.

I am learning how to eat for optimum health.  I am learning what "full" and "hungry" feel like -- things I'm pretty sure I did not know before.  I am learning how much exercise both my lifestyle and my 53-year-old frame can accommodate.  I am learning to turn to people for emotional support, not food.  (It never worked that well anyway).  I am learning that I am worth taking the time to care for myself.  Yep, it's true.

When I get to goal, I will still be on the journey.  I cannot then forget all that I've learned and return to thoughtless eating.  Instead, I am now building habits and practices I will maintain for a lifetime. I guess you could say this is the trip of a lifetime.  Might as well enjoy the scenery!

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