Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Favorite Bento

It's been a crazy week.  Okay well it was actually a normal week but seemed crazy because I am not back in the mode of school and schedules yet.

That said, I did manage to produce a bento lunch for the family every day but one; here are a couple:

This is a mostly leftover bento.  Pepper had made a yummy Asian chicken salad in phyllo cups the night before; so here is the leftover with sauteed spinach, broccoli, tamagoyaki (omelet) and rice.

Next is our current favorite bento.  All the recipes for this one are from the Just Bento cookbook.  (I think she should be giving me royalties!).  This a Soboro bento.  I think soboro means "ground" so this one is egg, turkey and green bean (with a little carrot for color).  I think the reason they love this bento so much is that the texture is so lovely. All the food is soft; it's just a joy to eat. 

Here are the ingredients ready to go, except the beans and the rice.  I grind my own turkey because I'm a little paranoid.

This is half of Pepper's new bento from Christmas.  It's huge!  The pictures do not do this food justice; it photographs bland, but all the parts are delicately flavored.  It's just so tasty.  To eat it, you dig into the rice beneath so you get both in each bite.  I'm telling you, it's heaven!

I left a couple of green beans whole for the top of the box.

Isn't it beautiful?  It makes her want to eat all the healthy stuff inside.  We tie it up in a napkin so the box stays together.

PS - I am not reprinting the recipes here because I haven't asked for permission. But if you want to borrow my cookbook, just ask. Or better yet, buy yourself a copy, it's fantastic.

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