Monday, August 20, 2012

Trudging Along versus Staying the Course

It's more than mindset, but it certainly starts there.  I'm talking about living an empowered healthy life style.  It isn't enough to just change my mind about things, I have to make actual changes.  Yet, it certainly does start with a change of mind, doesn't it?

Last week was a crazy week, even for our house. I have been studying almost round the clock for an exercise physiology course I've been taking for a year.  It is a multidisciplinary course and involves anatomy which, it turns out, is very hard for me.  I had to take the final (and only) exam on Thursday so I spent the week before brushing up on a year's worth of learning. I studied late into the evening every night, every nap time and early every morning.  I carried a flashcard flip book around the house with me and reviewed points while I folded laundry.  I neglected the housework and exercise.

Predictably, I lost zero pounds this week.  I gained zero too, which I liked, but I was reminded once again that this weight loss/getting in shape project is a big one and it requires focus.  It's a little ironic that I took my eye of the ball in regard to exercise to pass a class about . . . well . . exercise!  I know, know, know I need to keep laying down that lean muscle if I want to build up my metabolism and yet it was so easy to forgo it because I "needed" to study.  In reality, I'd have probably done just as well, if not better, if I had skipped an hour a day of study to exercise.  We all know the mental health benefits of exercise, right?  But the allure of "sit on your bottom" is always lurking just around the corner.

Yes, I was just trudging along.  Trudging along, pretending to be on the path but really not keeping my word 100%.  And ironically, reading about exercise while I did it.  How funny is that?

One good thing did come out it (aside from passing the course, thank you very much); all that review on exercise did remind me that overweight individuals really need to get 60 minutes a day of exercise (at a moderate intensity), not 30 minutes like most adults.  I had actually lost sight of that somewhere.  So this week, I have reorganized my life to get in 60 minutes a day.  It's coming straight out of my "sit on your bottom" time.  I am back - staying the course; I'll leave the trudging to someone else.

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