Friday, January 3, 2014

First Friday of Fourteen - Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

It's a very new year still and here we are with our plans and resolutions. Perfect time for some tips, tricks and inspiration, right?

First some practical tips for keeping those new year's resolutions:

  • Post your plans where you can see them
  • Even better, post them where your family can see them and garner their support
  • Have an honest check in every week on how you are doing and make a plan for going forward; adjust as needed and learn the difference between a mitigating circumstance and an excuse
You know this is absolutely true: there are no magic pills to lose weight and get in shape. So the first trick of the year is this, don't fall for any gimmicks, gags or snake oil salesmen! We are all going to meet our goals the same way, with hard work, perseverance, course corrections and a pinch of optimism.  

Speaking of hard work and perseverance, please meet my friend Mary Love. If she isn't an inspiration to you, I'll eat my hat!
Mary has lost over 100 pounds so far and has only 44 to her goal. No snake oil, no miracle pills, just perseverance, wise choices and a lot of hours at the gym. May we all work as hard as she has!

That said, let's get off the computers and on the treadmill. Happy New Year!

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