Friday, January 31, 2014

Why Not Diet Soda?, Preschoolers with Food and Getting Off Your Own Case: Friday Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

I love to make beautiful meals for my kids and dear hubby, but sometimes I lose heart. It is extra work and I do have to get up pretty early. Case in point, today their healthy lunch (whole grain crackers, baby carrots, low-fat cheese cubes and orange "smiles") all got plopped into zip lock bags and dropped in their lunch box. Not too romantic.

For years I have maintained that people enjoy their food more when it's attractive. Once I found a study that showed kids eat best when there are a variety of colors on their plate  - sort of the opposite of what most parents think.  All of these thoughts lead to my tip of the week, aesthetics matter.  The author of a recent study posted this summary article recently which indicates that kids don't really only want food from McDonald's, they want cute food.

I do have tons of cute bento boxes, food cutters, spiralizers, and other tools. I am recommitting to sending not only healthy lunches, but cute ones.  It's worth a head start the night before and getting up a bit earlier. They're worth it!

Some bad news for those of you who, like me, crave the sparkle. You may need to double-think that diet soda. The trick of the week is one that actually works against us, not for us. I long ago made the switch to diet soda to save my teeth and my waistline, but it turns out, it may only be saving my teeth. We have largely stopped buying soda for home -- it's not really food -- but I do enjoy the occasional treat. No more. My water "mit gas" will now be restricted to sparkling water. ( I may enjoy the occassional Izzy Esque, though. Real fruit and no sweeteners, what a concept!) This article (not the first I've read) reminded me that the chemistry of diet soda may actually be tricking my body and making my insulin resistance worse. Oops. I'm done!

Finally, it's good to bear in mind that we are human and moderation is really important.  There is no such thing as perfect eating and I was truly inspired by this article on the same. I am working really hard on eating healthfully and providing healthy meals for my people, but sometimes, we just need to relax. Honestly folks, we can't be perfect. Have a look at this article and let me know your thoughts!

Have a healthy and happy weekend!

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