Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mystery Solved

This morning I was speaking to my friend Roberta and we were discussing possible causes of my slight gain last week. I ran all my theories by her and then recommitted to waiting for this week's weigh in before I started obsessing over the possible fixes.

But tonight, as I was entering the day's food into my spreadsheet, I noticed something did not look right. As I scanned the day's calories, they appeared to add up to more than the total posted. Long story short, there was a very subtle error, but it appeared in two fields every day. And it was lean meats and oats, foods I eat nearly every day. So it turns out that last week, my food was miscalculated to the tune of 2,660 calories unaccounted for.

You read that right: 2,660.

Thankfully, it was only 2,660. Since I run about a 400 calorie deficit every day, I still ended the week with a small deficit. According to the math, I should have lost a couple of ounces instead of gaining a couple, but I know my water retention system is at least that fickle.

I am grateful for catching it on Thursday of this week when I still have time to re-run the numbers and course correct! Whew!

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