Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Lifesaver - Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Hey, it's already Friday!  Time for some tips, tricks and inspiration rounded up through the week's reading!

Are you a fan of juice fasts or fasting to "jumpstart" weight loss?  This week's tip may have you rethinking the process.  The tip is:  Know what is happening in your body before undergoing any fast.  It may do the opposite of what you are hoping!  Follow the link for a fascinating article on the topic.

The trick of the week is a super one:  Eat SANE.  Check out this Fooducate blog post to find out the details but in essence, your weight loss plan should be Sustainable, considered an Approach (not legislation), be focused on Nutrition and include a big dose of Enjoyment! 

Now for your dose of inspiration.  Sometimes don't you just think "I'm too OLD to exercise?"  Here's proof that you (and I) are not! 

Have a fun and fit weekend!

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