Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Unstuck

Weight loss is complex.  I am famous for saying that you have to work the numbers, and that is certainly true.  If I consume more calories than I burn, I will gain weight and vice versa.  It's figuring out that "burn number" that throws the wrench in the works.

Last year my internist told me that you can't account for metabolism.  You just have to keep trying until you hit the combination that works.  After a full year of unintentional maintenance, I am here to say I haven't found it. 

18 months ago, I lost 40 pounds on medically supervised weight loss.  I stopped that program when we got the "Littles" because it just didn't work, timewise. It was daytime only and no kids allowed.  Since then I have "found" 10 of those pounds then plateued at a 30 pound loss and never moved.  It can get frustrating.

I had several weeks in a row recently of staying well within my calorie range.  One week I lost 0.4, the next I gained 0.6.  Last week, I was within my calories for the week but what I ate contained some "poor choices" like ice cream. I also forgot to take my thyroid medicine three times.  Gained 1.6.

I realize it probably sounds like I'm whining.  I'm not.  I am saying all this to remind myself (and you) that sometimes, it just isn't that straightforward.  Yet, there are still things I can (and will) do.
  • I will bump my exercise up.  I have been doing just enough to help my exercise challenge team.   
  • I'll take my medicine every day (duh). 
  • I will make sure I get in all my water and maybe a little extra. 
  • I will take stock of my spiritual affairs because no matter the numbers, I am convinced my emotions affect metabolism. 
  • I'll start getting 8 hours of sleep again because I know that affects weight.
I know that if I do everything I can do, eventually, the scale will start to move down again.  The challenge is moving myself high enough on the priority list to get it all done every day.  And today is a new day -- so it will be the day that I hit all the markers.  Cheers!

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