Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mixed (Lunch) Bag

Fun with bento boxes continues.  Last week we had a trip around the world, including a fun Spanish Omelet and a lovely deconstructed Salade Nicoise.  A few photos for your viewing pleasure:

Friday's lunch  - a visit to the Mediterranean:

Beef koftsas (little meatballs seasoned with parsley and cilantro)
Baba Ganoush and hummus separated with a leaf.  It somehow looked better in person.
Cucumber, parsley and tomato salad.  Stuff it all in the pita and enjoy.

No pics of the food but today we enjoyed a visit to India with  chicken curry, whole-wheat cous-cous and cucumber raita.
Paul got his in his wonderful three tier Tiffin just purchased. 

The balance of this week will be Deconstructed Sandwich Week with all my own recipes.  Yippee! 

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