Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday -- Survival Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving!  I mean it sincerely -- I am thankful for you, faithful reader!

Now, enough of that -- tomorrow is Black Friday my favorite shopping day of the year.

Do you get hungry when you shop?  I get ravenousHere's a tip for you:   As you're about to make your late night turkey sando, take 5 minutes to prepare for tomorrow.  Fill a small cooler with grapes, 100 calorie packs of crackers, water, oranges (peeled and sectioned), string cheese or a boiled egg, yogurt (spoon too, please) and baby carrots.  Each time you walk to your car to unload, take a 3 minute break.  Really, those door busters can wait!  Sit down, take a breath, and have a filling snack and 8 oz. of water.  Your shopping will go more smoothly and you will be less likely to pop into IHOP for your whole day's worth of calories on a single plate!

While you're at it, get in some tricky exercise during that shopping trip.  Park way out on the edge of the lot (daylight hours only, please) and really power-walk to and from that store.  I have been known to jog to and from my car, much to my 13-year-old's chagrin.  On Friday, she'll be in charge of pushing the cart while I get my groove on.  She will likely pretend she doesn't know me!  Also, forget fashion, folks.  Wear your exercise clothes and your running shoes.  You'll be less likely to nosh at the in-store coffee shop and more likely to jog in the parking lot.

Finally, bring your best self to the shopping. I am not talking about your attire. Let your holiday spirit show on your face, slap a santa hat on your head, and be an inspiration to one and all.  I am always amazed at how much scowling I see on Black Friday.  Hey, people, we're shopping for gifts here; for our loved ones.  Go ahead and enjoy yourself.  Sing loudly to the background carols.  Hug people.  Act the fool.

Let me know how it goes!

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