Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bento Boxes

A few years ago, I saw a Weight Watchers Online thread on bento boxes.  It raised my curiosity so (as ususal) I did some research and the Tischler love of all things bento was born.  We love them so much, one year we gave empty boxes, rice molds, egg molds and other fun things to Pepper's teachers for Christmas.  (Thought train derailed -- we have all new teachers now so maybe will re-run that idea!)  We love them so much, Pepper is considering training in Japan when she finishes culinary school!

I love Korean veggies so have adapted several recipes for them; they also go well in the bento boxes.  I am going to make Pepper and Dear Hubby bentos for lunch this week, so I will take some pictures and post them with recipes through the week.

I have a favorite bento blog, Just Bento.

The cool thing about bento is that it spurs creativity.  It raises the bar on bag lunch.  How can I make this beautiful as well as palatable?  What can I have for lunch that is not a sandwich?   Bentos do not have to be Asian inspired though must of ours are;  we love the Japanese, Chinese and Korean flavor palettes.

In case I've raised your curiosity, here are two articles on Japanese eating and lifestyle:

This one is from is from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and talks about the possibilities for slimming your waistline while enjoying Japanese cuisine.

I was inspired by this National Geographic article too. We have a lot to learn from the Japanese population's approach to eating.

If you get inspired to do your own bentos too, please send me some pics!


Knights' Mama said...

Do you have favorite brands of bento boxes to recommend?

Dreena M. Tischler said...

Eek -- somehow missed answering this! Most of our boxes came from Ichiban Kan in San Francisco -- about half bought in person. They no longer do mail order. It's kind of a Japanese Dollar Store. That said, you can now buy inexpensive ones from Amazon. I am planning a stop at an Asian grocery here soon to see what they have on offer!