Friday, September 30, 2011

September's Last Friday! Tips Tricks and Inspiration

We are still rocking the bentos this week.  Next week, our bentos will feature a "trip around the world" with dishes inspired by India, the Mediterranean, Spain and France, as well as one Asian inspired meal.  This week's bentos all came from my daughter's birthday present, The Just Bento Cookbook. 

This has lead to renew my love with all things pickled, so today's trick is pickling.  If, like me, you get tired of salad, this is a good and low calorie way to change up those veggies.  I came across this yummy sounding Polish pickle recipe on Snack Girl.

Snack Girl's blog is my tip of the week.  She has lots of low-cal ideas for all we snack crazed calorie counters.

Now, for your weekly inspiration.  Yesterday I was tasked with journaling some non-scale related changes in my life since beginning my weight loss journey.  I'm sharing my short list with you, but this week, you are to inspire yourself by doing the same.  Remember, they are not about weight but about the other things.  Here are a couple of mine:
  • My whole family eats more healthfully
  • I feel happy about what I eat
  • I feel strong and fit
  • I feel younger in age and have tons more energy
  • I have developed my sense of purpose
  • I have learned that I am worth spending time and energy on
 Please share your list with me and let me celebrate with you!

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