Monday, March 16, 2009

10 - 7 - 9; no loss but high spirits!

I am a day late posting my check-in and tips for the week. I have a couple of great sites to recommend this week! The first is a great place to see how you are doing not only calorie-wise but also to track your macronutrients: NutritionData - Know What You Eat.

The second tip of the week is for a podcast that I really enjoy: Fat 2 Fit Radio. Episode 57 has a lot of great information in it especially in the interview with Tom Venuto. He talks about limiting beliefs and self-image in a really practical way. However, my favorite tip is this: he says, "You can tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger . . . physical hunger builds up gradually over time but the emotional hunger comes up suddenly like an urge. Physical hunger you can wait out. . . emotional hunger comes as a craving for something specific." And likewise, he quotes Judith Beck, "Hunger is not an emergency!"

Now for my check in:

Current Weight: 240.0
Weight Last Week: 239.6

Weight loss since last week: 0.4 pound gain

Total weight loss this year: 2.8 pounds

I'm adding a new bit of checkin info:

My food choices: 10 of 10 it was a great week of beautiful food
Exercise: 7 out of 10 - I only got in 3 hours of exercise
Motivation: 9 of 10 I am not downhearted, in spite of the scale!

I'm sure you are wondering what is going on here. Well, so am I! However, my hands and feet are very swollen, so I know I am retaining water. I stayed within my 1700 calorie a day budget last week except for a pretty big hunk of my hubby's birthday cake last night. I am sure of that because I am logging every taste, bite and nibble. I am doing what I know how to do and controling what is within my control. I do have a doctor's appointment on April 3, so maybe he will have some advice for me!

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