Thursday, March 19, 2009

Setting Stores

Today I invested 2-1/2 hours in what my Grandma called, "setting stores." There is something really reassuring for me in having an ample supply of healthy, quick food on hand. This post is actually a shout out to my stellar support partner Roberta, who reminded me of how helpful it is for me to have an amply supply of "better choices" to hand. Here's what I put together today:
  • 4 pints refried beans
  • 3 cups black beans
  • 1 batch (3 cups) roasted chick-peas
  • 10 frozen dinners consisting of grilled fajita chicken, brown rice and mixed veg
  • A batch of blueberry muffins for the kidlets.
A pretty good return on my time, don't you think? And that includes clean up! I will do the same tomorrow morning and concentrate on soups:
  • Split pea
  • Mulligatawny
  • Nani's Pumpkin soup
My Grandma also used the phrase, "setting store," to mean "counting on." For instance, she might say, "You aren't setting store on him coming by, are you?" I think Grandma is smiling at me now because I can surely set store on having lots of yummy, wholesome food only a quick minute in the microwave away!

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