Monday, March 9, 2009

Whoopsie! Weekly Weigh-In

Need a great site to help you count your calories? CalorieLab is the answer. It's quick, it's easy and you don't have to "join." They also have a "news" tab with research and information in a pithy, friendly format. Finally, they have "calories burned" - more on that in a moment. Anyway, check it out -- I'm sure you'll find something of use.

Here are my stats:
Current Weight: 239.6
Weight Last Week: 239.0
Weight loss since last week: 0.6 pound gain
Total weight loss this year: 3.2 pounds

In the sublime words of Charles De Gaulle,
"France has lost a battle. But France has not lost the war."

This week, obviously, I did a little worse than break even. However, I am not discouraged. I know that I have been getting loads of exercise and eating healthfully so I am going to trust that a breakthrough is coming in the future. I am still posting a net loss. And those are the facts!

My course correction this week is to go back to the number of calories I was eating those two weeks when I lost 2 pounds each. I had ramped up the numbers a bit to adjust for the 3 additional hours of exercise, so that's an easy tweak to make. In addition, I will begin working with my swimming coach this week and I am counting on her to give me a work-out makeover. Finally, I'll use CalorieLab's "calories burned" calculator to closely track the calories I'm burning each week.

I remain encouraged.

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