Thursday, March 12, 2009

Use it up!

Kim O'Donnel, Washington Post columnist, is mid-way through a week-long challenge called, "Eating Down the Fridge." This fits well with my retro theme from World War II, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." It has to do with my personal take on the recession -- namely that the "hard times" are serving to remind us what is truly important and encouraging us to live within our means. I think there is a bit of serendipity in my finding this challenge --I've been (somewhat half-heartedly) doing the same for the last month. Reading her blog posts on the challenge has encouraged me to be more committed and conscientious about it.

Last month I started working my way through the pantry and the freezers. I have already made a big dent in the frozen meat and am beginning to work on the frozen veggies. I have a couple packages of mystery meat that ought to make for some interesting meals this weekend. I have managed to cook almost all the beans - both dry and canned - and they are so healthful -- full of good stuff and fiber. And -- I admit it -- I've thrown out or given to the food pantry a few cans of "what was I thinking?"

From a diet standpoint, O'Donnel's challenge is a great one. I've noticed the high-calorie foods that find their way into my shopping basket are the first ones consumed when they hit our pantry. And I'm not outside being tempted by them, either. I am interested to see what a difference it will make to our pocketbook and our waistlines. Stay tuned!

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